Thursday, September 17, 2009


Parvati Melton Biography:

Parvati Melton (Telugu: పార్వతి మెల్టన్) is a tall (5 feet 9 inches)Indiamodel and a Tollywood actress. She acted with Raja in the film Vennela, which turned out to be a success.She was born in California on 7 january1983 to a German father and Punjabi mother. her nick name was Paro.She has a sister Ariana and learnt Bharatnatyam as a child. she studied inMarian GATE Gifted and Talented Education High School Program with transfer to UCB of CA, USA majoring in Business AdministrationShe is 17 and her first film Vennela is just a prelude to her immense potential as an actress. she is a very sexy actress in south india. her first film was vennala telugu with raja. she came more famous from jalsa movie.she loves reading books.

Gossips :

she is avery pretty sexy hot actress in South indian films. Rumors in south was she is moving very close with hero sarvanandh. but she dines these words and says he is good friend of her.she says that her sexy appeal was her eyes. she tells that she don't oppose exposing in movie.


2005 Vennela Pavani -Telugu .

2006 Game - Telugu .

2006 Allare Allari Swathi -Telugu .

2007 Hallo Parvathi -Malayalam .

2007 Madhumasam Maya -Telugu .

2007 Flash - Malayalam Special appearance .

2008 Jalsa Jyotsna -Telugu .

2009 Murali(Yet to be released) English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam .

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